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"Start with the legs, finish with the mental"



 An overtaking challenge on mythical OnRoad or OffRoad tracks

The little surprise of the end of the year for all fans of cycling, Ultra Endurance and Bikepacking.


A road version and a Gravel version, a single distance (300km) a similar start on the Paris-Roubaix roads, a spectacular finish at the Eiffel Tower 

The principle of the Gravelman Series

  • Principle of the GravelMan Series:

  • A few days before departure you will receive the map as well as a manifesto which contains the different addresses or locations of the 5 checkpoints where you will have to take a selfie in front of the monument / the location to justify your passage.

  • We promise you an original, adventurous map and surprises on arrival!

  • Two formats: Gravel or Road of just over 300 kilometers each. 

  • Exceptional invitation to the exceptional evening of October 22 of the Tous en Selle Festival in Hem (59) for you and your loved ones: 8 films on the program as well as a discussion with Stéven Le Hyaric, cycling adventurer,  Ultra Endurance Athlete and organizer of this event.  

  • Staggered departure from 11:30 p.m. on October 22 until October 24 in the morning. 

  • Everyone has their own speed. Its Strategy and its pleasure.

  • You have a little more than 50 hours to complete the route in its Ultra version, until Sunday evening for the Cyclo version


  • Possibility of taking the start as a duo on a separate classification.

  • Open to ATVs, FatBikes, Gravel, Road!  

  • We summarize:

  • - Gravel and road test with a great track

  • - Invitations to the exceptional evening of October 22 of the Tous en Selle Festival in Hem (59) for you and your loved ones

  • - Departure from Hem, on the end of the legendary Paris-Roubaix route for an arrival at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

  • - Staggered departure from 11:30 p.m. Thursday evening until Saturday morning for the fastest

  • - 2 and a half days maximum to do one of the two routes  

  • How to get to HEM (59)! 

  • All roads lead to HEM (59).


  • From Paris by train: 


  • 1h02 + 13km / 40mn Max cycling  



  • 1h42 + 3km and barely 10mn by bike  


  • By car :

  • Paris Center - Hem (59): 2h15

  • Rouen - Hem: 2h30

  • Metz - Hem: 3h15

  • Rennes - Hem: 5:15 am

  • NB! Respect for barrier gestures will be compulsory and essential during

  • from the start, the finish and as soon as you are stopped during the event. 

  • Mask compulsory on departure and arrival.

  • Individual hydro-alcoholic liquid very strongly recommended



Here is an idea of the Route trace 

Here is an idea of the gravel track

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