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Your App Store subscriptions could now charge you more without explicit permission

Automatically renewing your Apple subscriptions, like any other automatic payment method, can save you time, especially if you pay for multiple services. If you need to download, you need to use App Store. But Cupertino recently updated its policy, and if you're on a tight budget, you should be even more careful from now on.

The Cupertino company announced on its blog that now when the subscription price will increase and certain criteria are met, developers will be able to automatically bill you for the next season without having to sign up again. Regarding its specific conditions, Apple stated that price increases must occur only once a year, cannot exceed $5 and 50% of the registration fee or $50 and 50% of the annual membership fee, and must be authorized by local entities.

Apple will of course notify you of the price increase in advance via email, push notification, and within the app. It also tells you how to view, manage and cancel orders if you wish.

It is important to know that the subscription price does not automatically renew if the subscription price rises above the limits, exceed the annual limit or occurs in places where the law requires it. In this case, you must manually log in to the service before the increase takes effect.

Previously, when there was a price increase, Apple notified you of the price change and you were automatically removed from the service. You then had to manually select the subscription again if you wanted to continue paying for the program. However, according to Apple, this method caused unintended service interruptions because many users simply forgot or omitted permission. That's why the Cupertino company decided to introduce a new policy, and now, if you're willing to pay a higher price, you don't have to do anything, because the service will still work.

Of course, it's very likely that you could also miss Apple's takedown notices, or forget to cancel your order well before the price change takes effect. Presumably, this is why the Cupertino company decided to set a threshold. In most cases, you can also cancel your order at any time, so if you forget to cancel in time, the worst-case scenario is that you lose a few extra bucks.

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