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The enigmatic city of Bhangarh in Rajasthan was once a booming city but time’s stroke reduced the stature of this place to ruin, an abandoned city. At the center of the story of Bhangarh’s decay, stands the Bhangarh Fort which is one of the most haunted place in india and haunted places in India. During the daytime, this still top 10 haunted places in india a popular spot entertains lots of tourists but as soon as the darkness descends, it is turned into the homeland of ghosts. Even the Archaeological Survey of India has put a board before some distance to the fort, warning people to maintain distance from the fort after darkness.

Because it is believed that anyone who dares to enter the fort after sunset will never return to the human world. The natives hear strange, horrific voices rising from the fort at midnight and it connotes as if a ceremony of music and dance is taking place inside the fort. Amidst it, people have heard the voices of women cries that howl through the fort. A strange woman has also been seen, who walks the temple with a perfume container in her hand, rousing a strange smell through the fort.

The history of Bhangarh fort reveals that there used to be a princess named Rani Ratnavati, who was one of the most beautiful and courted princesses. To win the heart of the princess a necromancer, he cast a strange spell on her perfume bottle. When her agents revealed the reality of the perfume to her, she threw it upon a rock. The spell was reversed and the rock fell from the mountain and directly hit the necromancer. When dying from the pain, he cursed the Bhangarh with ultimate destruction.

Shortly afterward, Rani Ratnavati died and one top 10 haunted places in india after another battles and strange events occurred at Bhangarh, which reduced the city to mere ruin. People still believe that Rani’s spirit haunts the fort to this day. Another unbelievable point is that since the curse of the necromancer, any effort to restore or renovate any place of the fort strangely results in its further deterioration.

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